Re-Dying / Over-Dying Mats

It is possible to extend the life of faded/obsolete/discolored nylon mats by using the following dye formula.  The best over-dye color to use is charcoal (dark grey/black) because it covers all nylon mat colors.  It also produces the most consistent finished mat color.  Other colors are essentially touch up colors.

Available Dye Kits:

  • Charcoal Dye Kit - can be used to re-dye/over-dye any mat color
  • Red Dye Kit - can be used to re-dye/over-dye red/black or solid red mats
  • Brown Dye Kit - can be used to re-dye/over-dye browntone mats
  • Navy Dye Kit - can be used to re-dye/over-dye navy, silver, grey, and platinum mats
  • Slate Dye Kit - can be used to re-dye/over-dye slate, silver, grey, and platinum mats
  • Solid Blue Dye Kit - can be used to re-dye/over-dye solid blue mats

Dye kits are available in 100-pound, 200-pound, and 400-pound kits.  The dye kits contain all necessary materials to over-dye/touch-up the corresponding weight of mats.  Dye kits only work on mats made with nylon yarn.  Results from dye kits will vary depending upon shades of mats being re-dyed.  M+A Matting cannot accept responsibility for replacement of mats due to off-shade results.

For shipping purposes, dye kits are double bagged to prevent spillage.  The inner bag of each dye kit is a water-soluble bag.  These bags are opaque, about the size of a laundry bag, and have a red plastic tie. These bags may be placed directly in the washer without removing the dye from the bag.

  1. Load 100 pounds, 200 pounds, or 400 pounds, of mats into the washer with the corresponding size dye kit. 
    Note: Mats should be very clean to insure proper dyeing results.  If necessary, clean mats using a high pH detergent at 140ºF and rinse thoroughly before running the over dye procedure.
  2. Remove the dye kit from the outer plastic bag and place it in the washer.
  3. Fill washer with cold water to low medium water level (level will depend upon the quantity of mats being dyed).
  4. Run for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Add steam to raise water temperature to 190° - 195° F over a 20-minute period.
  6. Run for 15 minutes and maintain temperature at 190° - 195° F.
  7. Dump bath and rinse in 140° F water for 3 minutes.
  8. Rinse in cold water for 5 minutes.
  9. Extract and dry mats using normal procedure.

Note: When over-dyeing logo mats, it may be necessary to use extra dye kits to over logo colors.