Retail Facilities

Matting Solutions for Department Stores & other Retail Establishments

The retail industry houses the goods and service that satisfy our daily needs.  M+A Matting houses the solutions designed to help make retail stores safer, cleaner, and more comfortable for each person that walks through the door. 

More than anyone, those of you in retail know that providing a positive experiences for everyone is challenging, to say the least.   M+A can help.  We offer mats designed to help create a positive experience for every customer and your employees - from helping prevent slip-and-fall accidents to providing a more comfortable standing station for your best cashier.





"Early in 2011, I identified the need to install anti-fatigue mats in our gate areas.  When we spoke, you suggested the Hog Heaven Marble Top anti-fatigue mat and we went with your recommendation.  The mats have been in place now about 2 months and the employees absolutely love them.  At first it was nice to have them in the gates, but as we experienced irregular operations the difference became more noticeable.  The agents are able to stand at the gate positions longer without their feet and legs hurting as they had in the past. And as their discomfort level was diminished, they provide better and friendlier customer service. I  would recommend them to anyone who has an operation where employees are on their feet for long periods of time.  They are worth every penny!"

- Thomas Gushes - Duty Manager | US Airways O'Hare International Airport