FAQ: Artwork 

Here we try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding artwork

What file type is accepted, and what resolution should my logo or artwork be?

We recommend vector graphic files for the best result, AI, EPS, or PDF being the most common. Various other files are accepted, including JPG, PNG, and TIFF; please see the chart below. For carpeted mats, 150 to 300 DPI/PPI is required. For rubber mats, a minimum of 921 DPI/PPI is required. To help ensure your design submissions is processed quickly and printed at the highest quality, here are 4 tips.

Accepted Files Chart

How do I request logo mat proofs?

You can request logo mat proofs in one of two ways, detailed below.  

  • The quickest way to submit artwork is by using our online artwork submission tool.  From our webiste, go to My Account > Submit Design  or Artwork > Submit Artwork
  • By emailing our customer service department.  Our customer service department is divided by customer segment to better serve the needs of our diverse customer base.  If you are a commercial laundry/uniform service provider, please email our Plant 1 LaGrange (P1) customer service team [email protected].  If you are a distributor or a catalog/e-commerce-based customer, please email our Plant 5 Dalton (P5) customer service team [email protected].

If I need artwork for a logo mat proof revised, who do I contact?

When you receive your first design proof, it will come from [email protected].  You can request changes to that artwork in one of two ways. 

How do I delete a design from my proofs?

If you wish to have a design deleted from your account, please email [email protected] with the request.