Clean-Up Formulas

Clean-Up formulas vary by yarn fiber type and the process by which the yarn was dyed.  Please make sure you select the appropriate formula for your mat(s).

For Solution-Dyed Nylon Mats

Classic Brush, Classic Solutions & Solutions Plus, CompuTuft, Plush, MicroLuxx Mats

The mats listed above are made with solution-dyed nylon yarn.  Because of this, they have excellent colorfastness when exposed to bleach, high temperature, high pH laundering, and direct sunlight.  Should your solution-dyed nylon mats become dull or dingy due to soil buildup or dye redeposition, the following clean-up formula can be used.  This formula should never be used on any non-solution dyed mats, nor should this formula  be used as a regular wash formula.  Repeated exposure to high temperatures and chlorine bleach used in this formula can damage the yarn and/rubber backing.

  1. Flush 2 to 3 minutes, medium water level, 120° F (49° C)
  2. Flush 2 to 3 minutes, medium water level, 120° F (49° C)
  3. Break* 20 minutes, high water level, 170° F (76° C)
    *Add 16 fluid ounces of 12% active bleach, 2 pounds of sodium carbonate, and 8 ounces chelating agent (EDTA or Calgon) per 100 pounds of mats.
  4. Rinse* 2 minutes, high water level, 120° F (49° C)
    *Add 1 pound of antichlor (1% acetic acid or 1% sodium bisulfate) per 100 pounds of mats.
  5. Rinse 2 minutes, high water level, cold

CAUTION: It is essential to use an antichlor in the final rinse to stop the activity of the chlorine in the bleach.  Failure to use antichlor will cause damage to the solution-dyed nylon yarn.

The success of this clean up formula is dependent on the severity of the cross stain and the condition of the carpet fibers.  Old mats that have been stained for a long period of time will not clean up as well as mats that were recently stained.

In cases where staining is severe, the bath temperature can be increased to 180°F (82°C) and the break time extended to 40 minutes.  These measures should be used as a last resort as there is potential to damage the carpet fibers when using these higher temperatures and longer break times.

For Acid-Dyed Nylon Mats & Light Colored Mats

Classic Impressions, Classic Impressions HD, Oriental, Unique Designs

Customer experience has shown that certain mat colors in the light blue, silver and gray shades can turn brown, yellow or green when laundered.  This problem seems to vary depending upon local water conditions.  Some customers have no problems in this area while others experience significant difficulties.  The yellowing/discoloration is not unique to any manufacturer.  While we have not been able to eliminate the problem, we do have a treatment that in most cases will at least partially reverse the problem.

The cleanup formula shown below can be run as a separate formula assuming that all mats are clean.  

  1. Flush 5 minutes, high water level, 120° F (49° C)
  2. Break* 25 minutes, low to medium water level, 140° F (60° C)
    *Add 4 pounds of sodium percarbonate or 48 fluid ounces of hydrogen peroxide (35% active ingredients)
  3. Rinse 2 minutes, high water level, 100° F (38° C)
  4. Rinse 2 minutes, high water level, 100° F (38° C)

Maintenance: To keep mats from discoloring, during the break cycle of your regular wash formula add 1/3 to 1/2 pound of sodium per carbonate or 5 to 10 fluid ounces of hydrogen peroxide (35% active ingredients) per 100 pounds of mats.

Safety Note: Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent.  It can cause spontaneous combustion if it encounters wood, leather, or other organic materials.  Be sure to use appropriate protective safety equipment and observe all manufacturers’ safety precautions.

For Disperse-Dyed/Printed PET Mats

ColorStar, ColorStar Impressions


Water Temperature (F°)

Wash Time (Min)

Water Level

PH Range

Quantity (Fluid Oz.  per 100 lbs.)

Chemical by Type


130° F

8 mins.



2 oz/100 lbs







4-5 oz/100 lbs







2  oz/100 lbs

Water Conditioner






4  oz/100 lbs

Hydrogen Peroxide


120° F

4  mins.


9.0 – 9.5





2  mins.


8.0 – 9.0





2  mins.


7.0 – 8.5





2  mins.


7.0 – 8.0




(Low Speed)


5  mins.





















  • Add 1 oz. per 100 lbs. of detergent if water conditioner is not used
  • Remove Hydrogen Peroxide for non-logo mats