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Frontier Mat

Product Number 437
The Frontier mat is an unbacked vinyl-loop scraper mat designed for wet areas including locker rooms, shower rooms, and around pools.
  • Spaghetti-like design filters dirt and moisture away from the surface
  • Available with edging (priced per linear foot) or with vinyl nosing which may be purchased separately (see item 925)

Recommended for use in wet areas where additional traction is needed, especially in locker rooms, shower rooms, and around pools and spas.

2' x 3' (23" x 36")
3' x 5' (36" x 58")
3' x 10' (36" x 116")
3' x 60' (36" x 720")
4' x 6' (48" x 69")
4' x 8' (48" x 96")
4' x 60' (48" x 720")

Available in custom sizes with widths of 3' (36") and 4' (48") and whole foot lengths up to 60'.

Material: Extruded loop PVC (vinyl)
Weight: 96 ounces/yard2
Thickness: 3/8 inch


  • Passes flammability standard DOC-FF1-70
  • ESD rating of Anti-Static
  • ASTM C 1028-96 static coefficient of friction:
        Dry 0.75
        Wet 0.69

Frontier mats can be cleaned using the instructions below:

  • Pick up mat and shake out soil and debris
  • Scrub with deck brush when needed, using a detergent with a neutral pH
  • Rinse with hose or pressure washer
  • Hang mat to dry

Always make sure the mat is dry before placing it back in service.