Hog Heaven Mats
Anti-Fatigue / Dry or Wet Environments / Indoor

Striped Border Product No.423 -5/8” Product No.424 -7/8”

Black Border Product No.421 -5/8” Product No.422 -7/8”

  • Comfortable – High-density nitrile-blended cushion helps eliminate pressure to the lower back and legs, providing superior comfort
  • Safe – Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI); edges will not crack or curl and provide a safe transition from floor to mat
  • Durable – Nitrile-blended cushion provides years of useful service life; cushion is molded, not glued, to the nitrile rubber surface so it will not separate
  • Suitable for Harsh Environments - Grease/oil resistant*; chemical resistant; welding safe; ESD rating of electrically conductive
  • Available in 5/8” or 7/8” thicknesses
  • Can be customized with your logo, design, or message (see Hog Heaven Impressions)

  • *The 100% nitrile rubber surface of Hog Heaven is grease/oil proof while the nitrile-blended cushion is grease/oil resistant

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